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Why Vietnamese put ice on beer?

In Vietnam, it's common to put ice in beer to keep it cold, especially during hot and humid weather. The practice is called "Bia đá" in Vietnamese, which literally means "iced beer."

Adding ice to beer can help to lower the temperature and make it more refreshing, which is particularly appealing in a tropical climate.

In addition, many Vietnamese people believe that adding ice to beer can also help to dilute the alcohol content and make it easier to drink. This is especially true for stronger beers, which may be more difficult to consume without ice.

However, it's important to note that some beer enthusiasts may frown upon adding ice to beer as it can dilute the flavor and alter the taste. Additionally, adding ice to beer can sometimes result in a more watered-down taste, which may not be preferred by those who prefer a stronger and more full-bodied flavor. Ultimately, whether or not to add ice to beer is a matter of personal preference.

There are different reasons why Vietnamese people put ice in their beer.

Firstly, the ice cools down the beer, making it more refreshing to drink, especially in a hot climate. Secondly, some people believe that adding ice can dilute the beer and make it less strong, which can be more enjoyable for those who prefer a milder taste. Additionally, putting ice in beer can also make the drink last longer, as the ice helps to slow down the rate of consumption.

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